Physicians and scientists can become ordinary members. They are eligible to vote in the annual general assembly. Ordinary membership is required in order to act as an expert adviser in an EQA test. The annual membership fee is €20.
Professional societies and scientific institutions are listed as corporate members. The annual membership fee is also €20.

Sponsoring members are manufacturers of diagnostic products and equipment that, in the broadest sense, are used to conduct analysis in medical laboratories. Voting rights at the general assembly are limited to approving the annual accounts, discharging the executive board, amending the articles of association and dissolving the association. The annual membership fee is €383.

Corresponding members are individuals who conduct activities in line with the purpose of the association.   Honorary members are individuals who have made special contributions. Honorary membership is awarded by the General Assembly.   With the exception of honorary membership, membership is granted upon application and is based on an admission decision by the Executive Board. A member can only resign at the end of a calendar year.

Mitgliedschaftsantrag (in German)

Geschäfts- und Wahlordnung (in German)