EQA Program

Ordering EQAS for the year 2021 are available via RV-Online now.

The program you can download as a PDF.

Participants who have subscribed to an EQA has alreadey received an order confirmation for the year 2021.

Please note:

For the year 2021, printed registration forms and program booklets are no longer being distributed, orders can only be placed via the RV-Online system.

The following EQAs will be added to our program in 2021:

Group 182: Urine Protein Differentiation
Group 409: Virus Genome Detection – SARS-CoV-2
Group 416: Virus Immunology – SARS-CoV-2 (Ab)
Group 506: Haemostasis 33 – Emicizumab
Group 795: Molecular Genetics 43 – BRAF
Group 796: Molecular Genetics 44 – BTK
Group 797: Molecular Genetics 48 – SF3B1
Group 798: Molecular Genetics 42 – AML-Panel (NGS)

EQA Program 2021

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