EQA Program

Here you have the opportunity to download our current catalogue and registration form.

The paramters required by the guideline of the German Medical Association (B 1, B 2, B 3 und B 5) can be found in our program booklet (pages 10-14). These are highlited in orange in our EQA section as in previous years.The entire guideline text can be downloaded from the internet www.baek.de.

Our newly developed RV-Online-System has already proved itself and allows you a clear and userfriendly execution of the online order and value entry rv-online.instandev.de. This saves you an additional registration in paper form. Evaluation documents are already available for download
for many EQAS via our new system.

The following tests will be added to the program in 2019:
Group 426: Mycobacteriology 06 – Molecular Drug Susceptibility Testing
Group 430: Virus Genome Detection – Gastrointestinal Virus Panel for Multiplex Tests
Group 431: Virus Genome Detection – Respiratory Virus Panel for Multiplex Tests
Group 505: Haemostasis 32 - Edoxaban
Group 509: Haemostasis 31 - ROTEM Sigma
Group 547: Bacterial Genome Detection – Urogenital Panel
Group 653: Immunology – Basophil Activation Test
Group 769: Molecular Genetics 4 (Molecular Oncology) - STAT3
Group 890: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring 1 - Antibacterials

Our current catalogue and registration form can be found under downloads.

EQA Program 2019

Orderform 2019

EQA Program 2018

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