Rili-BÄK (Guidelines of the German Medical Association) have proven to be a valuable instrument in controlling quality in medical laboratories. In the course of its fundamental overhaul in 2008, its content was restructured and Section B (Special Guidelines) was divided into 5 categories:

B1 - Quantitative medical laboratory testing
B2 - Qualitative medical laboratory testing
B3 - Direct detection and characterisation of infectious agents
B4 - Sperm analysis
B5 - Molecular-genetic and cytogenetic medical laboratory tests

The guidelines are revised and modified on a continuous basis. The regional associations of statutory health insurance physicians ensure that the laboratories and physicians conducting lab tests regularly participate in the EQA tests.

The parameters that require participation as per the guidelines of the German Medical Association (B 1, B 2, B 3 and B5) can be found under downloads.
The complete, up-to-date version of the German Medical Association guidelines can be found on the website of the German Medical Association.

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