Your participation documents of the INSTAND EQA schemes September 2020 are available online via the RV-Online system (

We are pleased to present our new 2021 EQA program for online registration.

Unfortunately, we made an error in the indication of the measured IgG values, so that a far too high serum value was reported here.


The correct...

Information on the excecution of current EQAS and for sample preparation can be found in RV-Online.

As of now you may find the results of the EQA scheme Bacteriology A (5 Samples) No. 412 - September 2020 under EQAS Online-> Service for EQA tests in...

The information on the handling the EQAS samples of the group 491 Mycology 02 (dermatophytes, yeasts, molds) including anamnesis and coding key can...

Statement on INSTAND EQAS No. 340 SARS-CoV-2 NAT April 2020

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