Pre-evaluation of virology EQASs March 2016 is now available => here.

As to the following EQA schemes:Virus immunology:Cytomegalovirus (351), Hepatitis A virus (343), Hepatitis B virus Prog 1 (344), Hepatitis B virus...

Die Ergebnisse des Ringversuchs Immunhämatologie Gr. 237 und 238 vom Mai 2016 finden Sie hier

Here you will find the results of the EQA scheme Bacteriology B (3 strains) No. 411 from April 2016:

The EQA schemes in virus diagnostics March 2016 have now been closed.

For information on sample properties => SEE HERE

Virus Genome Detection - Zika virus (403)

Virus Immunology Zika virus (338)

(Antibodies against Zika virus: differentiation between virus specific...