Reports on the EQAS Virology March 2016

As to the following EQA schemes:
Virus immunology:
Cytomegalovirus (351), Hepatitis A virus (343), Hepatitis B virus Prog 1 (344), Hepatitis B virus Prog 2 (345), Hepatitis C virus (346), HIV-1 / HIV-2 (335) and HIV-1 p24 antigen (337)

Virus genome detection:
Cytomegalovirus (365), Hepatitis A virus (377), Hepatitis B virus (361), Hepatitis C virus (362), HIV-1 (RNA) (360) and Parvovirus B19 (367)

Participants of the above mentioned EQA schemes March 2016 have already received their participation documents (certificates of successful participation, statements of participation and statements of individual results).

Please be advised that the reports of these EQA schemes are now available for download under "EQAS/Reports/". 

Please select "RV-Group No.", year "2016", month  "03" and/or category "virus immunology" or "virus genome detection".
Alternatively you can  use free text  searching in "Search word".
Recommendation: Print 2 pages per sheet.

Please note for the remaining EQA schemes March 2016:

Virus immunology:
Dengue viruses (350) and Hantaviruses (355)

Virus genome detection: 

BK virus (364), Chikungunya virus (392), Dengue viruses (369), Hepatitis D virus (400), Influenza viruses (genome/antigen) (370), JC virus (394), Norovirus (381), Parainfluenza viruses (388) and West Nile virus (391)                                     

Please note:
The participation documents of the following EQA schemes will be sent out later by mail: 

-  Cytomegalovirus training program (368)
-  Hepatitis B virus training program (378)
-  Hepatitis C virus training program (379)
-  HIV-1 (RNA) training program (382)
-  Special EQA program in accordance with the
   RKI-entero surveillance program  -
   virus detection - Enterovirus - PCR / Cultivation and Typing (374)

The  reports of these EQA schemes will be released on the INSTAND homepage immediately after completion.