Reports on the EQAS Virology September 2019

As to the following EQA schemes:

Virus immunology:

Cytomegalovirus (351), Hepatitis A virus (343), Hepatitis B virus Prog 1 (344), Hepatitis B virus Prog 2 (345), Hepatitis C virus (346), HIV-1 / HIV-2 (335) and HIV-1 p24 antigen (337)


Virus genome detection:

Cytomegalovirus (365), Hepatitis A virus (377), Hepatitis B virus (361), Hepatitis C virus (362), Hepatitis E virus (380), HIV-1 (RNA) (360), Parvovirus B19 (367) and West Nile virus (391)


Please be advised that the reports of these EQA schemes are now available for download under "EQAS Online / Service for EQA tests".



Please select EQA area "Virus Immunology" or "Virus Genome Detection", Group and Term, e.g. "Term 5 2019".
Recommendation: Print 2 pages per sheet.


Please note for the remaining EQA schemes September 2019:

Virus immunology:

Chikungunya virus (402), Dengue viruses (350), Hantaviruses (355), Rabies virus (336) and Zika virus (338)


Virus genome detection:

BK virus (364), Chikungunya virus (392), Dengue viruses (369), HCV geno-/subtyping (375), Hepatitis D virus (400), JC virus (394), Parainfluenza viruses (388), Rabies virus (390) and Zika virus (403)


The participation documents for the above mentioned EQA schemes are available for download in the "EQAS (RV) Online System".


The reports of all mentioned EQA schemes will be released on the INSTAND homepage immediately after completion.