Pre-evaluation of virology EQASs September 2018

Pre-evaluation of virology EQASs September 2018 is now available => Download


Please note:

Starting in September 2018, INSTAND e.V. has introduced the “EQAS (RV) Online system” for result entry for the following 5 EQA schemes:


· Virus Immunology – Cytomegalovirus (Ab) (351)

· Virus Immunology – Hepatitis B Virus Program 1 (HBsAg, Anti-HBs, Anti-HBc) (344)

· Virus Immunology – HIV-1/HIV-2 (Ab) (335)

· Virus Genome Detection – Cytomegalovirus Program 1 (365)

· Virus Genome Detection – Parainfluenza Viruses (388)


Starting with the EQA term November 2018, all EQA programs in virus diagnostics will be performed online (details will follow).


For the forthcoming EQA schemes, participants having yet not used the RV Online system are kindly advised to follow the information in Annex 1 of the pre-evaluation.