Further Reports on the EQAS Virology November 2018

As to the following EQA schemes:

Virus immunology:

Epstein Barr virus (352), TBE virus (FSME Virus) (358), Hepatitis D virus (347), Hepatitis E virus (348), Herpes simplex viruses (354), HTLV-1 / HTLV-2 (339), Measles virus (357), Mumps virus (356), Parvovirus B19 (342), Rubella virus (341) and Varicella zoster virus (353)


Virus genome detection:

Adenoviruses (371), Coronaviruses (340), Enteroviruses (372), Epstein Barr virus (376), HBV genotyping (396), Hepatitis E virus (380), Herpes simplex virus type 1/2 (363), HIV-2 (RNA) (395), Human papilloma viruses (373), Human rhinoviruses (393), Human metapneumovirus (385), Measles virus (386), Mumps virus (387), Respiratory syncytial virus (359), Rotavirus (401), Rubella virus (389) and Varicella zoster virus (366)                                                                      


Participants of the above mentioned EQA schemes November 2018 have already received their participation documents (certificates of successful participation, confirmation of participation and statements of individual results).

Please be advised that the reports of these EQA schemes are now available for download under "EQAS Online / Service for EQA tests".



Please select EQA area "Virus Immunology" or "Virus Genome Detection", Group and Term, e.g. "Term 6 2018".
Recommendation: Print 2 pages per sheet.

Please note:
The participation documents of the following EQA schemes for drug resistance determination will be sent out later by mail:
Cytomegalovirus (349), Hepatitis B virus (397), Hepatitis C virus (399), HIV-1 standard program (383) and HIV-1 additional program (384)