NEW: INSTAND EQA scheme 418 Virus Genome Detection - Monkeypox Virus


Due to many requests, INSTAND e.V. introduces a new External Quality Assessment (EQA) scheme for the "Virus Genome Detection Monkeypox Virus" (418).

This new EQA scheme will be established by INSTAND e.V. in its capacity as reference institution of the Bundesaerztekammer (German Medical Association) as EQA provider.

This EQA scheme is performed in cooperation with the National Consultant Laboratory for Poxviruses, Robert Koch Institute, Centre for Biological Threats and Special Pathogens, ZBS 1 Highly Pathogenic Viruses, Berlin, and in agreement with the Joint Diagnostic Council of Deutsche Vereinigung zur Bekaempfung der Viruskrankheiten (DVV e.V.) and Gesellschaft fuer Virologie (GfV e.V.).


Details of this new EQA scheme are as follows:

Number of samples and sample properties:

1 set = 4 samples à 1,1 ml each, lyophilized cell culture supernatants

                  Monkeypox virus-positive samples were inactivated



Monkeypox virus (DNA) - qualitative                    Orthopoxvirus (DNA) - qualitative

Monkeypox virus (DNA) - quantitative                 Orthopoxvirus (DNA) - quantitative



  Sep. (5)
  For Germany and EU countries For non EU-countries
Registration and deregistration period 07.09.2022 24.08.2022
Shipment of Samples 21.09.2022
Deadline of result entry 07.10.2022


Additional dates will be posted on the INSTAND homepage as needed.


Note for laboratories from non-EU countries (application deadline 24.08.2022):

The shipment of sample materials for participation in this EQA scheme is subject to a release by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control according to the EU Dual-Use Regulation (VO (EU) 2021/821) for sample recipients in non-EU states. INSTAND e.V. can only process EQA scheme orders from non-EU countries if the ordering laboratories provide a completed end-user declaration, a company profile including contact details (e.g., excerpt from website), and, if applicable, an import permit! Incomplete data will, unfortunately, lead to a cancellation of your registration.



320,- € / survey

For registration, please visit https://rv-online.instandev.de/index.shtml?lang=en and register in the EQAS Online system for placing your order(s).

Please contact the EQA advisors for further information.


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