Immunohaematology 04 - Granulocyte Immunology (234)

3 samples of plasma, 2 samples of DNA
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Plasma + DNA


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Apr. (2) Sep. (5)
07.01.2022 24.06.2022
02.03.2022 24.08.2022
01.04.2022 23.09.2022
Informazioni sulla spedizione:
Shipping at ambient temperature
HNA/granulocyte antibodies HNA/granulocyte (neutrophil) antigens
Validità del certificato:
12 months
Avviso di sicurezza:
Process as patient sample material
Informazioni aggiuntive:
This EQA scheme includes all HNA specifications. It is dedicated to laboratories which are able to detect granulocyte alloantibodies and antigens. The EQA scheme No. 235 Immunohaematology 06 - Molecular Diagnostic was designed for laboratories which only want to perform HNA genotyping. Because of the complicated preparation of the samples, INSTAND e.V. reserves the right to no longer supply laboratories with proficiency test samples, which have repeatedly not sent back any results.
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Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Sachs

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