Our Program

Faulty laboratory readings can result in misdiagnoses, unnecessary diagnostic measures and incorrect therapies. For the various specialities in laboratory diagnostics, INSTAND currently offers more than 350 EQA schemes as part of its external quality control program to ensure quality in medical laboratories and compare performance with other laboratories.

With the continuous expansion of the paperless program, INSTAND wants to make an essential contribution to a positive environmental balance and at the same time make participation in the EQA schemes as easy as possible. The RV-Online Portal is our convenient tool for the entry of results and order placement.

EQA Program


Evaluation and Certificate

The evaluation of the submitted EQA scheme results is carried out with robust statistical models. At the end of this evaluation, a qualified, individual report on your analytical results' comparability with other laboratories and analytical methods is available to our participants.

In the individual result overview, participants can see whether their result is within the permissible evaluation range, the percentage deviation from the target value and whether the EQA scheme's requirements have been met. In addition, INSTAND offers comments on the individual EQA scheme evaluations by the EQA scheme leaders, in which specific problems are commented on in a technically well-founded manner. A certificate (with individually listed parameters) is issued upon successful participation.

Sample Evaluations


EQAS in Germany

In addition to procedures to ensure internal quality, regular participation in EQA schemes is a legal requirement for Germany's medical laboratories. The current guideline of the German Medical Association on the quality assurance of laboratory medical examinations (December 2019) defines the requirements for interlaboratory comparisons in five areas:

B1 Quantitative laboratory medical examinations

B2 Qualitative laboratory medical examinations

B3 Direct detection and characterisation of infectious agents

B4 Ejaculate examinations

B5 Molecular genetic and cytogenetic laboratory medical examinations

As a reference institution of the German Medical Association, INSTAND is commissioned to conduct proficiency testing for B 1, B 2, B 3 and B 5.

In doing so, we not only cover the spectrum of analyses listed in the RiLiBÄK. Many of our participating laboratories aim to check their performance beyond RiLiBÄK requirements to compare their results with those of other laboratories. For these cases, we offer numerous "voluntary" interlaboratory comparisons.