Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis 05 - Neuroborreliosis (465)

1 set of samples, CSF + serum
Sample properties:
CSF + serum, the CSF sample is not native CSF but serum diluted to CSF concentration
Price Per Test:
83,00 Euro
Volume Price (from 2 EQAS):
additional sample not available
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Registration deadline:

Sample shipment:

Closing Date:

May (3) Oct. (6)
03.03.2023 11.08.2023
02.05.2023 10.10.2023
19.05.2023 27.10.2023
Shipping Information:
Shipping at ambient temperature
Borrelia IgG Antibody Index (AI) calculation, Interpretation of the report
Certificate Validity:
12 months / 12 months
Safety Note:
Process as patient sample material
Additional Information:
Detection of titers is not suitable. Calculation of antibody index and interpretation.
EQAS Expert:

Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Zimmermann

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