Engraftment- and Chimerism Diagnostics (618)

5 samples
Sample properties:
Whole blood samples, donor, patient pre-and post-transplant per appointment
Price Per Test:
126,00 Euro
Volume Price (from 2 EQAS):
additional sample not available
These prices apply exclusively to orders placed through INSTAND e.V. For orders placed through distributors, prices and services may differ.


Registration deadline:

Sample shipment:

Closing Date:

May (3) Nov. (6)
24.02.2023 25.08.2023
25.04.2023 24.10.2023
12.05.2023 10.11.2023
Shipping Information:
Shipping at ambient temperature
Evaluation and diagnosis, Receiver
Certificate Validity:
24 months
Safety Note:
Process as patient sample material
Additional Information:
Annual fee: 252 € - Only annual subscription possible! EQA results can only be submitted online! Successful participation in both EQAS rounds is necessary for the award of a certificate (10 samples per year). Due to longer shipment times, labs using FISH-Analyses, cannot participate in this EQA.
EQAS Expert:

Dr. med. Roland Reibke

Klinik Bad Trissl GmbH

Abteilung für Innere Medizin I und Palliativmedizin

Bad-Trissl-Straße 73

83080 Bad Trissl


+49 80 33 20-285


Dr. rer. biol. hum. Andrea Dick

LMU Klinikum

Abteilung für Transfusionsmedizin, Zelltherapeutika und Hämostaseologie

Elisabeth-Winterhalter-Weg 15

81377 München


+49 89 44007 7403


Prof. Dr. med. Michael Spannagl

LMU Klinik der Universität München


Ziemssenstraße 1

80336 München


+49 89 4400 52211