Infection Serology - Treponema pallidum Antibodies (311)

2 samples of 0.4 ml
Sample properties:
Price Per Test:
73,00 Euro
Volume Price (from 2 EQAS):
additional sample not available
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June (3) Nov. (6)
24.03.2023 25.08.2023
23.05.2023 24.10.2023
09.06.2023 10.11.2023
Shipping Information:
Shipping at ambient temperature
AB against Cardiolipin (qualitative), AB against Cardiolipin (semiquantitative), Antibodies against Treponema pallidum, Diagnostic comment, FTA-Abs IgG (qualitative), FTA-Abs IgG (semiquantitative), FTA-Abs IgM (qualitative), FTA-Abs IgM (semiquantitative), IgG (qualitative), IgG (semiquantitative), IgG - Immunoblot, IgM (qualitative), IgM - Immunoblot, TPHA (qualitative), TPHA (semiquantitative), TPPA (qualitative), TPPA (semiquantitative)
Certificate Validity:
12 months / 12 months
Safety Note:
Process as patient sample material
Additional Information:
For certificates to be issued, all participants are expected to report (semi-) quantitative results along with qualitative results on the evaluation sheets, where requested. A certificate for (semi-)quantitative results, however, can only be issued if the reported results are sufficiently comparable and if an international standard has been established for diagnostics.
EQAS Expert:

Prof. Dr. med. K.-P. Hunfeld

Zentralinstitut für Labormedizin, Mikrobiologie & Krankenhaushygiene

Krankenhaus Nordwest

Steinbacher Hohl 2-26

60488 Frankfurt am Main


+49 69 7601 4349


Ulyana Gräf

Krankenhaus Nordwest

Zentralinstitut für Labormedizin, Mikrobiologie & Krankenhaushygiene

Steinbacher Hohl 2-26

60499 Frankfurt


+49 69-7601 3646