Virus Genome Detection - Gastrointestinal Virus Panel for Multiplex Tests (430)

3 samples of 1.5 ml
Sample properties:
Lyophilised suspension of feces and cell culture lysates, respectively
Price Per Test:
546,00 Euro
Volume Price (from 2 EQAS):
521,00 Euro
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Registration deadline:

Sample shipment:

Closing Date:

June (4) Nov. (6)
12.04.2024 06.09.2024
11.06.2024 05.11.2024
28.06.2024 22.11.2024
Shipping Information:
Shipping at ambient temperature
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and other nucleic acid amplification techniques (NAT) for simultaneous qualitative detection of gastrointestinal adeno, astro, entero, noro, parecho, rota and sapoviruses, respectively. This program will be completed with currently circulating virus variants.
Certificate Validity:
12 months
Safety Note:
Process as patient sample material. The participating laboratory must be authorized to perform direct and/or indirect detection of pathogens.
Additional Information:
The requirements of the RiliBÄK (Guidelines of the German Medical Association on quality assurance in medical laboratory testing / Bundesärztekammer) will be considered for the detection of the above-mentioned pathogens. This EQA scheme will contain each of the above-mentioned pathogens at least once a year. It is recommended to participate at both EQA scheme terms. Please note: Only results of multiplex tests will be accepted for EQA scheme 430 This multiplex EQA scheme is not suitable for (i) singleplex PCRs, (ii) tests for antigen detection, (iii) testing of sensitivity and (iv) typing. For this purpose, we refer to the INSTAND EQA schemes for the corresponding viruses.
EQAS Expert:

Dr. rer. nat. Rolf Kaiser, Dipl.-Biol.

Institut für Virologie

Universität und Universitätsklinikum zu Köln

Fürst-Pückler-Straße 56

50935 Köln


+49 221 478-85808


Dr. rer. nat. Martin Kammel

Institut für Qualitätssicherung in der Virusdiagnostik - IQVD


Potsdamer Chaussee 80

14129 Berlin


+49 30 8105 4300