Virus Genome Detection - Mumps Virus (387)

4 samples of 1.5 ml
Sample properties:
Lyophilised cell culture lysates
Price Per Test:
314,00 Euro
Volume Price (from 2 EQAS):
241,00 Euro
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Registration deadline:

Sample shipment:

Closing Date:

July (4) Dec. (6)
12.04.2024 06.09.2024
11.06.2024 05.11.2024
12.07.2024 06.12.2024
Shipping Information:
Shipping at ambient temperature
Typing of mumps virus, Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and other nucleic acid amplification techniques (NAT) for mumps virus RNA
Certificate Validity:
12 months / 12 months
Safety Note:
Process as patient sample material. The participating laboratory must be authorized to perform direct and/or indirect detection of pathogens.
Additional Information:
Cooperation with: Nationales Referenzzentrum für Masern, Mumps, Röteln, Robert Koch-Institut, Berlin
EQAS Expert:

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Enders

Labor Prof. G. Enders & Kollegen, MVZ

Medizinische Diagnostik

Rosenbergstr. 85

70193 Stuttgart


+49 711-6357 120


Dr. rer. nat. Martin Kammel

Institut für Qualitätssicherung in der Virusdiagnostik - IQVD


Potsdamer Chaussee 80

14129 Berlin


+49 30 8105 4300