Honorary Award

The Karl-Georg-von-Boroviczény-Medal is awarded to outstanding personalities with merits in the field of quality assurance in laboratory diagnostics.  

Legal recourse is excluded.


For the attention of: 

Tanja Benson
Assistant to the Board
Ubierstraße 20, 40223 Düsseldorf
E-mail: benson@instand-ev.de

Karl-Georg-von-Boroviczény-Medal (until 2015 INSTAND Medal)

Prof. Dr. Heinz Zeichhardt, Berlin, 2018
Dr. Silke Heller, Berlin, 2016
Prof. Dr. Volker Brade, Frankfurt/M., 2008
Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Schaal, Bonn, 2006
Prof. Dr. Hanns Martin Seitz, Bonn, 2006
Prof. Dr. Heinz Beeser, Teningen, 2006
Prof. Dr. Karl-Otto Habermehl, Berlin, 2005
Prof. Dr. Kamen Tzatchev, BG - Sofia, 2004
Dr. Jürgen Fischer, Germering, 2004
Dr. Magda Rakha, EGY - Kairo, 2003
Prof. Dr. Erich Kaiser, A - Wien, 2003
Prof. Dr. László Dux, HU - Szeged, 2003