EQA Scheme Catalog 2024

Our EQA Scheme program 2024 is live. 

The catalog is available

Our new features: 

  • Starting in 2024, we will again offer all EQA schemes in molecular genetics - except EQA scheme 774 NOD2.
  • Based on the requirements of the new Rili-BÄK, we have added the EQA schemes 762 (Molecular Genetics 42 - Dihydropyrimidin Dehydrogenase), 763 (Molecular Genetics 43 - Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Apolipoprotein) and 764 (Molecular Genetics 44 - C-C Motif Chemokine Receptor 5) to our program.
  • In bacteriological infectious serology, we have expanded our program with the addition of EQAS 326 (Bartonella AK), 327 (Brucella AK), 328 (Francisella AK), 329 (Leptospira AK) and 330 (Rickettsia AK).
  • In CSF diagnostics, our program has been supplemented with EQAS 467 (CSF diagnostics 07) and EQAS 468 (CSF diagnostics 08).
  • In parasitology, we now also cover molecular genetic methods in EQAS 458 (Protozoa in stool) since mid-2023.
  • Our prices remain unchanged for 2024 despite general price increases. However, an increase in shipping costs caused by the transport companies is unfortunately unavoidable from 2024. We keep the costs for you as low as possible.
  • We give you more time for your analyses. At the request of many participants, we will also send all EQASs already on Tuesdays in 2024. The submission deadline for most samples remains Friday (also on public holidays). Please check in advance if our shipping times conflict with your vacation times so that you can modify your order early.
  • You will find the current EQA Scheme program in our RV-Online system and on our website.

Your opinion about our new content is critical to us! We are happy to receive questions and suggestions here.



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