RV-Online System Updates

New e-mail address in the "Delivery address" tab of the "Addresses and users" menu:


In the "Delivery address" tab of the "Addresses and users" menu, there is the option to explicitly name an email recipient, independent of the users already stored for the laboratory.
When samples are shipped, our transport service provider's delivery/shipping notifications will be sent to this email address.

To receive these emails, they should ensure that receiving automated external emails is allowed for your domain. Please also check your spam folder.


Email: Delivery/shipping notifications

Note: Delivery/shipping notifications from the transportation service provider will be sent to this email address for sample shipments.

If you do not want notifications, leave the field blank.


Notifications in RV-Online:


In January 2022, we implemented three new service notifications in our RV-Online system.

Two of them inform about topics concerning the value input. Therefore, all users who have the "Value input" right in the "User administration" tab of the "Addresses and users" menu will receive this e-mail *1.

  • A notification is sent as soon as virtual proficiency tests are available 
  • at noon of the day before the end of the input period, if no values have been entered for the EQAS yet

The 3rd notification will be sent as soon as new evaluation documents for an EQAS are available in the RV-Online system.

This information is always sent to the primary user of the laboratory. You have the option to define another user here who will also receive this notification. This definition is made by ticking the proper "E-mail recipient evaluation documents" in the user administration menu *2.


*1 Right „Value entry“:

Grants access to the Value entry menu to enter or correct EQA results. Users with this right will also receive a notification email one day before the end of the entry period if no values have been entered yet.


In addition, these users receive a notification as soon as virtual interlaboratory comparisons or advanced training courses are available for value entry.


*2 Right „E-Mail recipient evaluation documents“:
The right is automatically granted to the primary user and can additionally be given to another user. Both users receive a notification email as soon as evaluation documents are available.

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