Research Award

The INSTAND Research Award is given to scientists for innovative research work and outstanding scientific results in the field of quality assurance in laboratory medicine. The research prize is awarded every two years. The award ceremony takes place in December during the INSTAND general meeting. The deadline for submission is always 31 July of the respective year.

Next deadline for submission: July 31, 2024.




For the attention of: 

Tanja Benson
Assistant to the Board
Ubierstraße 20, 40223 Düsseldorf, Germany
E benson@instand-ev.de

Research Award Winners

Dr. Huub van Rossum, Amsterdam, NL, 2020
Dr. Andreas Bietenbeck, München, 2018
Dipl.-Chem. Iris Müller, Dr. med. Michael Freitag, Dr. Benedikt Lohr, Prof. Dr. Jochen Gensichen, Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Hunfeld, Frankfurt, 2014
Dr. Benjamin Otto, 2012
Dr. Rüdiger Zimmermann, Erlangen, 2010
Dr. Patricia Kaiser, Düsseldorf, 2006
PD Dr. Hunfeld, Frankfurt, 2003
Dipl.-Biotechn. Stefan Biel, Berlin, 1999
Dr. Schmitz, Meerbusch, Herr Neubauer, München; 1997
Dr. Fabricius, Dr. Fitzner, Dr. da Fonseca- Wollheim, Dr. Heller, Frau Selle, Berlin, 1995
Dr. Caspari, Pohlheim-Hausen, 1993
Dr. Dr. Abel, Heidelberg, 1991
Prof. Trendelenburg, Frankfurt, 1988
Prof. Wood, Strahlsund, 1986
Dr. Wieland, Prof. Seidel, Göttingen, 1981
Prof. Assmann, Münster, 1980